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on February 5, 2010

He's like the rainsome people describe life is a journey to a better place (which i believe ‘heaven’). Since i’m reading the book ‘purpose driven life’ again, i came up in this idea that we’re here in this earth only for a stop. we are prepared for something huge, eternal that is life with God.

some people think that life is a test – well in my perspective as a teacher, a test is needed so we can measure our ability or competencies..hihi..suddenly remembered it from the last training..okay2, back to the topic..if you pass the test, let’s say “responsibility”, maybe we can go on to the next level named “patience” then after that “honesty” or maybe “loyalty” and in the final level “faith”..well that’s my idea.

some people may think that life is a roller coaster. Sometime you will have the ups and sometime you will have the downs…actually the most exciting and horrifying thing is the downs -gosh, i miss riding a roller coaster- but you have to hold on until the final moment. then you can say “awesome, can i ride it again? ;p

some people will have an idea of life to have all the things you want while “you are alive in this world”. maybe the principal “live like there’s no tomorrow”..it can be all about the money..all about the dum..dum..dudu dum…oops… ;p or power, status, economy level, etc.

hmm..thinking of what i’m thinking of the definition of life makes me confused.. but what i know and believe is that life is only once. you cannot repeat again like in your dvd player. anytime you miss a scene, you can just press the ‘rewind’ button. or when you are in a difficult times, you can press the ‘pause’ or ‘stop’ button. if i can have a remote control like that, or if doraemon exists, i would like to borrow one πŸ™‚

well, God gives me life. but I realize that i don’t use my time here effectively. sometimes i’m lazy, i just keep grumbling and asking ‘why life is not fair to me?’ and keep critizing for evrything happens not according my way. when i was driving on my way home, i felt that the traffic was pretty bad. the street is too crowded with people, not mentioning the motorcycles, b10, even there’s a ‘topeng monyet’ right on the edge of the street with women and children watching them. and this man with a carriage in front of me walking very slow..i just wanna shout and say ‘can you just step aside? and let me go first’..well, it only happened in my mind, while my heart sayin “patience, God grant me patience”..hehe..

then this idea of life popped up in my mind, maybe, when i drove quite slow, i thought that why i was so easily angry these past days or weeks. i should have managed myself, that’s why i need to take a break or just a simple retreat to gain what is my objective in life or my purpose in this life…what i’m pursuing in all of my days..i don’t wanna live my days like there’s nothing special, all i do is just a routine, the same thing day by day..

then i tried to think the bright sides of my life..i think about my job. being a teacher is a blessing. i just realized that. many people stuck in their monotone life on their job, while i have different story to tell about my students every day. i love this job, even though sometimes it’s not easy to deal with. but i just say ‘thank you God, i’ve found what i love to do’. then i’m so grateful with so many people who love me..i can’t say all the names here, but i thank God for my family, you’re the best. i’m glad for my hunny, who stands beside me. then all my bestfriends, without you i’ll never be the person i am now. last but not least, i have a very BIG God.. i remembered an anecdote..
“if you have a problem, don’t say ‘i have a big problem’ but say ‘Hey, problem, go away!!i’m not scared to you because i have a BIG GOD!!’



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