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Taken from the movie ‘The Way Back’

on January 22, 2011

Yesterday, I just watched a movie ‘The Way Back’. Neither do I nor Andih knows something about that movie. I just know one actor who is Collin Farrel played a role there. However, we chose that movie from other movies, which was not my first option.

It is based on the true story back on the world war II when the regime of communism ruled the world especially in Europe. Some people were put in prison not because as their criminal act but they were set up by the government. Janusz was one of that people, whose wife was threatened to say false accusation to the authority about him.

So then the story goes, about Janusz in prison, where he and others were treated like a slave, working and living without dignity.  He met some friends there and they made a plan to run away from that prison, which is in the mountain in Siberia. There was snow anywhere but they kept on going with their plan to escape through the storm.

Friendship, sacrifice and love were found during their journey together. Death was inevitable for some of them. However, Mr. Smith ever said that “At least they are died as a free men.” They helped each other, fought for some reasons. Janusz as the main character was never giving up. He kept on believing in his dream, that is to find his way back to his wife, his country, Poland. The struggle was so hard that they kept on walking from Siberia until India, through mountains and dessert, extreme cold and hot weather. Finally, they found their dreams. They were free.

I really love this movie. I learn a lot from the characters, especially Janusz, that nothing can keep him away from his dream. Even though it takes a very long journey,  so many years, through the difficult times and impossible things to conquer, but still that man has a vision and live for it. Hopefully I can live my life with that optimism and keep my head up though the world gives you pain and suffering. As long as I look forward to the finish line and keep running in my track, I believe I can reach my dreams.

Nothing is impossible if God is in charge to my life. I won’t look back and regret my past as it is a history, but I keep my eyes on looking up to my future and doing my best right now.

TODAY is a gift, that’s why it’s called PRESENT.

I’m looking my way back to Him, as He starts everything in my life and I will come back to Him. That’s for sure 😉




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