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The Smartest Monkey

on January 25, 2011

Once upon a time, in a jungle, Trudy, a little monkey was looking for a teacher. She wanted to be the smartest animal in the jungle. She meets a lion, king of the jungle, and said, “Mr. Lion, you are the king of the jungle, please make me your student.”

He replied, “If you can roar like me, you can be my student.”

“Uu..aa..roarrr..uu..aa..”, Trudy shouted.

“No..no..no, it’s not a roar. Sorry you can’t be my student.” ,he said.

Trudy left the lion with a sad face but she kept on trying to find another teacher. Then she went to an Eagle, the bravest bird she has ever seen.

“Mr. Eagle, please make me your student.”, she asked.

“I will, but in one condition. You have to be able to fly like me.” , he replied.

Then she tried to fly with all her strength. She flapped her both arms and she jumped trying to fly up. However, she fails. She tried again, but no matter how much she tried again she kept falling to the ground.

“You”ll never be my student.”, shouted the eagle, then he flew away.

Trudy was very sad but she kept on walking in the jungle. Then she met Mr. Elephant who is the largest animal in the jungle.

“Mr. Elephant, can you make me your student?”, asked Trudy to the elephant.

“Hmm, let’s see. If you can lift that log, you can be my student.”, he said.

Then Trudy gave a try with all her strength, but the log is too big for her. Even not an inch the log moved. “I’m sorry, little monkey. You can’t be my student.”

Then the elephant left her. Trudy was walking around the jungle and crying sadly, until a voice came out from a tree.

“Why are you crying, Dear?”

Trudy looked around and tried to find where the voice came from.

“Who’s there?”, asked Trudy.

“It’s me, Mr. Owl.” The owl answered.

“Hi, Mr. Owl! I’ve heard about you from my mother. She said that you are the wisest animal in this jungle. Can you make me your student, please!?”, asked Trudy.

“Hmm..Yes, I think I can, but with one condition. I need you to accompany me to see Mr. Crocodile.” She remembered that crocodile is the fiercest animal that he will eat anybody who disturbs him.

“Okay!”, she said without any doubt. Then Mr. Owl and Trudy went together to find Mr. Crocodile. Not so far, in a swamp, they found Mr. Crocodile who was sick.

“Thanks for coming, Owl! I really need your help. Something is on my foot, but I can’t take it out. Everytime someone passes by, I call and ask for help, but everybody is scared and run away.”

The owl said, “Now Trudy, please help the crocodile. Remember, he is nice and he won’t eat you.” Trudy was very frightened but she tried to help Mr. Crocodile. She saw a sharp wood stabbed in his foot.

“I can see a wood on your foot. I’ll take it but you have to be relax. Is there anything you want to do after you get healed?…What is your favorite food?..What is your hobby?.. “. She kept on talking while she tried to pull out the wood and Mr. Crocodile answered all her questions happily.

Finally she could pull it out without the crocodile realized that she had already pulled it out. She showed it to Mr. Crocodile.

“Thank you very much, my little friend! I don’t feel any pain”, he said thankfully to Trudy. Trudy was very happy and proud.

Then Mr. Owl praised her, “Great work, my student! You are the smartest and bravest little animal I’ve ever met. You just have to believe in yourself. Then you can be whatever you want.”

Since then, Trudy learned a lot from Mr. Owl who taught her about life and wisdom.


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