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Passion of The Christ

on April 22, 2011

I just watched the drama of the Passion of The Christ at Bonaventura Church this morning. It’s like the first time I watched it, though it’s so many times I’ve been there as a player and as an audience. Thank You, God for giving me the chance to join this event. I know God brought me here for some reasons.

When I looked around at the people sitting next to me, or in front of me, children, teenagers, adults, elders were there watching for the same scene I saw. While I was watching Jesus been hit, kicked, spitted, I thought that this shouldn’t be watched by children as it contains violence. I hope these kids don’t have any trauma ;p  Anyway, I kept on focusing at the drama. I noticed there’s one little girl crying and watching Jesus until His dead body was taken out of the Church. It’s a very touching view that I saw. When I heard a woman singing the song ‘We Are The Reason’

We are the reason

that He gave His life

We are the reason

that He suffered and died

To the world that was lost,

He gave all He could give

to show us the reason to live


It’s been so long I haven’t heard this song and I still feel the same emotion, sad, glad, thankful. I know that He loves me, but this time I know that He loves me with all his life.

Sometimes when I feel down, desperate about things happen in my life, I feel so alone. I forget that I have Him who gave all His life to me. All my troubles and pains are nothing compared with His suffering til death.

Amazing is Your love, Lord

You teach me to be strong in my struggle, just like what Jesus did. You never give up for anything.

Thank You for what You did and I love You…

Happy Good Friday, friends


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