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You’re the best thing i never knew I needed

on June 6, 2012

Dear my friends and kids here in SF, also tribute for those in SJS, SMIS PIK, SAEC,

Time is ticking..it’s just doing the count down..

i’m really gonna miss you all and …

Thank You from the bottom of my heart!

i know that we’ve only met and known each other for a while, but it seems like i know you for years.

i really appreciate those times we were together, in our good times and bad times.

i’m really sorry for the things that i’ve ever said and done.. i really regret those.

thank you for making me a better person and teacher.

i’ll never realize that i will leave all those times soon but..

i’ll pray for you..may God’s grace always be with you and you are favorably blessed by the sweet Lord Jesus

may you all be healthy and successful in all your ways

i can’t stop thank you for all of the joy you’ve put in my heart,

thank you for the strength that you give so i can stand up again whenever i fall

i’m really thankful to God for everything that i have been thru here in SF with you, more than words can say…

i really hate good bye so i won’t say “Good Bye” but i’ll say “See you” as we will still see each other and wherever i am, i will remember you as a part of my life and i’m so grateful.

with warm hugs and kisses,



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