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My New Journey Has Just Begun

on July 14, 2012

Monday, July 9, 2012 was the date when I started my new journey as a student (again) but now it’s just greater that I’m now a graduate school student in English Applied Linguistic in my beloved campus Atma Jaya Catholic University. Eventhough my classes are just pre-course before the real course which is started in August, I find it really enjoyable. It’s just like I’m going back to my old routines in my undergraduate school in Faculty of Education (English major, of course ;p). The differences are the atmosphere in class, the lecturers who are all professors, and the great friends who are well-experienced professionals in their field. I thank God for giving me the opportunity to be able to pursue my dream in my study.

Going back to the day that I was pretty shocked knowing that I missed the chance to be the student for this batch because of a very silly mistake. I was late in paying my tuition which is due on Friday (someday in June) because of my super-business at school. I just realized it when Andi (my fiance) asked me whether I had paid my tuition and I just shouted “Oh no!” It was on Saturday, the day after the due date of the last payment. I directly called the administration staff, Pak Edi for giving me some extra time to transfer my tuition. However, he said that he couldn’t give me that permit as it was the rule, but he gave me some hope that I might register for the next batch next month but it was alright for me not to have the entrance test again. Well, I was very sad but I kept my positive mind that at least I was given another chance to study in July and I should be more careful and pay attention to the important dates next time.

I had come again to the administration to enroll again by paying the registration fee. It quite soothed me but I still have to wait for few more weeks to pay the tuition. One afternoon, I was having my great time “karaoke-ing” with my bestfriends, Amel and Melink when a text message came to my cell phone and it was from Pak Edi, saying that I need to call him urgently. I just realized that he had called me before his message came but I think I was just very busy singing hahaha… Then I called him directly and I got a very big news from him that I was given a chance to enroll for my graduate school without paying any more registration fee (so I will get refund for my second payment for registration) in 3 days. I just answered, “OK, I’ll come to the campus tomorrow. Thank you very much!!!” I thank God for giving me a miracle. Thanks to the other student that had the same case like me so the board reconsidered our opportunities to pay the tuition in allotted time. Horrayyy…

So that’s a brief flash back how I ended up in a class of pre-course for Graduate school. I really had my review about my lessons back then: Linguistics: phonology, semantics, syntax and all the difficult terms also Academic Writing. I’m so happy that I’m among great people as my classmates not mentioning the smart professors (hopefully I can be one of them too ;p)

Thanks God for every opportunity He has given to me to study, learn from the experts and run my new business. I have never thought that things will be this colorful. I was a little bit “shy” in the introduction for our first lesson. Every one was asked their names, professions and things about themselves. Most of them are well-experienced teachers; one of them are lecturer; there are also a journalist, editor and translator. They are super-cool. When it came to my turn, I introduced myself “Hi, My name is Widya. I have been a teacher for about 5 years and I just resigned from my school.” The Prof asked me “Why? How can you pay your tuition?” I directly answered “I just have to choose  from 2 options: study or work and I chose ‘study’. About my tuition “well, I’m getting married” and the class just laughed..hahaha.. (well, I will try my best to pay my own tuition not giving any more burden for my future husband so I try to run a business). I think I had made an impression of the resigned-teacher going to get married soon hahaha

Anyway, I feel so excited and enthusiastic in every lesson. Hopefully I keep my motivation and spirit up. I have to strived harder as I don’t get any scholarship from any institution like my friends do. I have to prove them that I can make accomplishment from a person like me. I have a dream that I will graduate from my Grad school and make all my family and friends very proud of me.

It is just the beginning. I know the road may not be easy so I put the big C (Christ) in every step that I’ve made and believe that something good has been prepared for me and my beloved ones.



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