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Book of Life

on August 25, 2013

Each morning is a new chapter of life, granted by the Lord

Sunrise is the sign of God’s marvelous gift

It is the new page to write our own story

good or bad, happy or sad…

we decide ourselves what to write in this book of life

Let God, our Creator guide us..inspire us…

for this book of life is not ours but His

Not ours to boast upon our achievements,

He Himself will display our book of life to others

Not ours to weep on the tragedies happen,

He will rise us up even when we are drowning in our tears

Not ours to stop writing and end the story ourselves,

Only He, the one who has the power to open and close our book of life,

who knows where our story ends, not us

In the end of the day,

we are just a writer of our life

Let us write memorable and precious moments

for life is a treasure,

which we will embrace for the rest of our life,

pass it to our children and grandchildren

How we want to be remembered,

it all depends on our way of writing

This book of life is as crystal clear, no hidden secrets

One needs not speak about one’s story

but the book of life speaks itself

as people read it and give judgement

Write your stories with kindness, gentleness,

generosity, peace and love

that our book of life will have a happy ending

for life itself is the greatest book ever


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